Welcome to Daejin Textile

Daejin Textile is one of the leading Korean fabric producers specializing in the superior quality micro fiber knitted plush fabrics for the home and bedding, fashion, toy markets.


Through vertical integration of all production line of knitting, raising, dying, tentering  in both wide and standard width, we have 1.2 million yards monthly production capacity and supply them to the local and global leading mattress and bedding, outdoor garment brands for their higher-end product market.


With the start from finishing line since 1993, Daejin Textile increasingly extended the production facility and finishing lines due to increasing demand from qualified and highly appreciated reputation from the clients.


We’ve developed an extensive range of superior quality fabrics offering creative designs and a wide range of color selections for the most selective of customers.

With our excellent reputation and the international acceptance, our superb fabrics are placed on their top-range product among our global top brand customers’ product line in the market.

Through strict quality control and meeting international commercial standard in each regional market, we promise the highest quality with continual development with best service devotion of our company.